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Hey RPG players!

We are currently running a special on ALL dice + dice bag combos. If you purchase a set of dice (Chessex or Sirius) and a dice bag (inked gaming or Chessex) you will receive both for 15% off!

Come take advantage of this awesome sale!

And if you need place to play an awesome RPG campaign (DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun and more!) then consider us for your next meeting spot!


We are now doing Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS tournaments on Thursdays! Starting  on Thursday, May 16th at 6 pm. Come join us. $6 Dollar Entry which includes one canned drink (non monster/redbull), OTS Pack, and entry.



Warhammer 40k Slow Grow League

We are starting are very own slow grow league getting ready for our first 40k tournament!

Entry: $15 for the league (only paid once at the start of league)
IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR LEAGUE (please have with you when you register): We will need your full name, army of choice for this league (can change for future leagues/tournaments), and phone number.

League will be held on Mondays starting on the first Monday in May. You have one week (until the next league date) to get your league match in for that week.

Mon 05/06 - 500 Points
Mon 05/13 - 1000 Points
Mon 05/20 - 1500 Points
Mon 05/27 - 2000 Points

The first Monday in June will be our first 40k tournament. If you participate in all 4 league matches we will discount $5 off your entry into the tournament.

Rules of League:

The campaign is to be broken up into a series of arcs. Each arc features at least one game with each of your opponents, with 300 points added to your force. You can have as many games as you like during each arc, and can agree with your opponent on any special mission type or rules you’d like.

After the 1000pt and 1500pt game a special multi player event game will be held.

Golden Rule:
The golden rule is that above all, narrative campaigns should have a semblance of, well narrative! Feel free to include whatever you like in your army, but try to weave this into the ongoing narrative. Don’t just add a sargent with a tactical squad – give them some character, write up a few deeds on both the unit and the sargent. If you remove something from your warband, perhaps link it to that crushing defeat or heroic sacrifice it made this arc!

Roster selection rules:
Your army must be a valid Bound army without any “Come the apocalypse” allies.
You must satisfy the minimum requirements of any detachments you choose to take (so for combined arms, that means 2 troops and 1 HQ).
Apocalypse formations are only valid in apocalypse games. All other formations are legal.
You must maintain the same warlord between arcs. You may choose to change your warlord between arcs, but must provide a narrative reason for doing so. You may choose to transfer the identity of your warlord to a different profile if that is possible within the canon of your force (for example, a captain could be promoted to Chapter Master, but a Battlesuit commander can’t morph into an Ethereal!).
Your warlord trait is fixed for as long as you maintain the same warlord. If you change your warlord to a different model, you may keep your current trait or choose to sacrifice it and roll from an appropriate table.
To select warlord traits, choose an available table and roll 2 d6 (roll one again if you get duplicates). If you are entitled to a re-roll (for example, because you are using Combined Arms detachment) you may re-roll both dice.
If you include a special character in your army, it must either be your warlord (and cannot be replaced) or may only be used for a single arc, and then will have it’s points refunded and cannot be used again.
Between arcs you may remove a single unit entry from your force, but you should provide a narrative reason for doing so. You may not add the same unit at the same time.
You may make limited changes to existing units between arcs. You may purchase upgrades and increase the number of models in a unit freely. You may not remove upgrades or models from a unit, unless you are doing so because of purchasing a mutually exclusive upgrade (such as changing a suit of Terminator armour for a bike).
You may not combine or separate units. If you wish to change an assigned dedicated transport between two units, you should provide a narrative reason for doing so. Units may be moved between detachments and formations, as long as all requirements above are satisfied.
Agree with your opponent before starting which mission you’d like to play, or mission selection method you wish to use. Valid missions could include:

Maelstrom and Eternal War missions
Cities of Death (using the rules found in Shield of Baal)
Battle Missions or Alter of War missions
Something custom you agree sounds cool.
Ideally each player should try and maintain a sense of narrative for their army. At a minimum this should include some information on who your Warlord is, what kind of troops are at his disposal in his Warband, what the armies overall goal is and what will happen to them if they fail to achieve it!

When playing missions try and add some narrative context both during the battle and afterwards. If you find yourself playing The Relic mission, perhaps the relic represents a downed warrior, and success in the mission means he later joins your warband with a surviving portion of his men. Perhaps failure means losing a key individual who had vital information on his person, severely damaging your chances of achieving the warlords goals.

Log in to the blog and track your battles – record your successes and defeats, and what that means for your Warlord and his army. Feel free to collaborate with other players and intertwine the fates of your commanders…

Painting and modelling
Ideally as much of each players army should be painted as possible. As a minimum everything should be based and the actual model (if one exists) should be used (no proxies). Models do not have to be WYSIWYG as GW often make this impossible, but you should strive to achieve this principle where it can be achieved.

Sunday Pauper

Come join us weekly on Sundays for our Magic: The Gathering Pauper Tournaments! Registration at 2:30 and Tournament starts at 3:00 - Entry is $6.00 and contains one canned drink (non monster) of your choice! Hope to see you there!




Come join us Tuesdays for Magic: the Gathering Modern Tournaments at 7 PM CST. The event will be reoccuring weekly at Sharp's. Sharp's is located at 3901 Wheeler Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901